Project Overview
Projcts Overview:

The Development Site will consist of mixed-use residential buildings. The Master Plan Area is located within a Regional Corridor/Key Development Area, Intensification Area, the Metrolinx Steeles Mobility Hub, and is in proximity to the proposed Yonge Street Subway extension. The proposal will contribute to the intent of the Thornhill Secondary Plan to re-urbanize the Yonge Street and Steeles Avenue Corridor, as well as contribute to the planned significant levels of high residential and employment development within a Major Transit Station Area. The proposed Master Plan Area will contemplate a landscape area, consisting of both public parkland and private green space.  
An attractive architectural design and a dynamic range of materials are proposed to reflect a high level of quality and contribute to the existing and planned character of the neighborhood. The subject land is within close proximity to the Yonge Street and Steeles Avenue East Gateway Hub where the future extension of the subway line is planned and, as such, the proposed development will be an important component to the built form along Steeles Avenue. As a result, the architectural design of exceptional quality is proposed. The building design will provide visual interest through a combination of façade materials and a mixture of neutral colors with wood as an accent for a unique and eye-catching frontage on Steeles Avenue East.  
An undulating façade design is proposed where the projection and recession of square and rectangular frames of varying dimensions create depth and rhythm along the building frontages. The alternating of horizontal and vertical emphasis further articulates the façade and creates a memorable design that will help shape the identity of this corridor. All balconies are encased within these rectangular frames, providing privacy for residents and protection from the elements. Stepbacks are incorporated into the design of the building and are provided at the upper building stories to further articulate the roofline and maintain sky views. The combination of the building’s landmark design and the mix of uses within the Master Plan Area will contribute to providing visual interest on Steeles Avenue and within the overall Yonge and Steeles area.  
The proposed at-grade commercial units will establish a street wall that animates the public realm through active uses. Further, the ground floor uses will provide informal surveillance onto the public realm, creating a comfortable and welcoming pedestrian environment.

Project Overview
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  • Status: Planning Phase
  • Type: Condominium and Retail
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