Maple Grove State: Phase 2

Project Overview
Projcts Overview:

The newly envisioned Maple Grove Avenue Project: Phase 2 is a development expected to comprise two lots with a combined acreage of approximately 2.2 acres that will contain 11 single detached houses. The site will directly face Maple Grove Avenue, situated in the upscale community of Richmond Hill. With a wonderful mix of luxury and prime location, Maple Grove Ave is flanked by the major transit route Yonge Street to the west, making navigation simple and convenient for both public transit and driving commuters. Located within close range to amenities, this site is well positioned to facilitate modern family living in a tranquil suburban community setting. The development at Maple Grove Avenue: Phase Two will embrace a distinctly traditional approach to the design, in accordance with current design trends in traditional residential architecture. The area will also feature a streetscape conforming to current urban design and green space for added aesthetics. This recent addition to the Zonix portfolio is due to begin construction in the months ahead.

Project Location

Project Overview
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Project Description
  • Status: Complete
  • Type: Single Detached Residential
  • Lot Size: 96000
  • Unit Count: 11